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FPS Creator X10 / Need Help with Game "Echelon 9" on FPS Creator

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Joined: 15th Apr 2023
Posted: 5th Dec 2023 20:45 Edited at: 21st Jan 2024 14:23
Hello everyone in the FPS Creator community,

I am starting to create my game "Echelon 9" and I am looking for advice and assistance to enrich my project. My game takes place in a post-apocalyptic bunker and I want to offer players an immersive and thrilling experience.

I am seeking your expertise to help me on a few key points:

- Design challenging puzzles for the bunker.

- Integrate cutscene mechanics to reinforce the story.

- Improve the sound and visual ambiance for total immersion.

- Any suggestions to make the plot of "Echelon 9" more gripping.

If you have any skills or ideas to share in these areas, I would really appreciate your help. Your contributions will be essential to making “Echelon 9” a memorable and engaging game.

Please feel free to respond here or contact me directly if you would like to contribute or share your ideas. Your experience will be of great value to my project.

I thank you warmly for your support and your precious help!


[Nicolas / Zlormack]


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Posted: 6th Dec 2023 02:12 Edited at: 6th Dec 2023 02:19
Zlorman, this is an english-only forum (presumably so us moderators don't have to translate everything but).

as such, you're bound to get more assistance if you could translate to english before posting, which i've done for you here

Dear FPS Creator Game Creators,

I'm [Nicolas] and I'm currently working on a game called "Echelon 9" using FPS Creator. I have an exciting vision for this project, but I find myself facing a lack of technical development skills.

Project Overview: "Echelon 9" takes place in a multi-level bunker complex. The story follows [main character's name] as he traverses levels filled with puzzles, fearsome enemies, and a final boss. Each player choice will influence the outcome of the story, offering several possible endings.

Need Help & Advice: I am looking for any help, expertise or advice to bring this project to life. Whether you're a designer, programmer, animator, or have creative ideas, your input could greatly enhance this gaming experience.

Quick Synopsis: The story follows [main character's name] as he explores the levels of a mysterious bunker, facing intricate puzzles, fearsome opponents, and a final boss. The game will include important characters such as law enforcement, the military, and other key protagonists.

Ideas PDF file: I have prepared a PDF file detailing my ideas for "Echelon 9". It contains concepts, sketches, detailed synopses of the characters, as well as my aspirations for the gameplay. Your input and ideas would be incredibly beneficial in moving this project forward.

If you are interested in this project or if you have any suggestions to share, I invite you to download the attached PDF file and let me know your feedback.

Your support and ideas for "Echelon 9" would be extremely valuable. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

meanwhile, i see no PDF attached. i know there were issues with attachments recently but was advised the issue was resolved. try attaching again?

also, this particular board is for FPSC X10 while my guess is that you're using FPSC Classic?

let me know and i'll move it if my hunch is correct.

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