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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Difference between 3D Gamemaker and Darkbasic PRO

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Joined: 16th Sep 2002
Posted: 16th Sep 2002 15:46

Im extremely sorry, there has probbaly been a million posts like this before, and I would of used the search option but I dont know how.

The 3D Gamemaker seems so simple with no code involved, which is fair enough, but Im looking for that, with advanced features aswell! Basiclly I want to be able to make a game without any proggramming, and then if I want go more advanced.

Is that what Darkbasic PRO is. Im sorry but the features page isnt what you would describe as "Clear"

Thankyou VERY much,

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 16th Sep 2002 16:10
No - With Dark Basic Pro, you need to do your own programming. It just makes it easier to do it (and writing 3D programs with DirectX is a nightmare...)

Yes, I really am THAT good...

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