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DarkBASIC Discussion / Sky That Sphere!

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Joined: 2nd Oct 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 26th Nov 2002 05:02
I'm having trouble with the sky in my game. I use a 1024 by 1024 tiled bitmap (well it doesnt tile up, so I stretch it up a bit) rendered onto a regular db sphere, because my modeling program (AutoCAD) exports objects that seem intexturable. But the sky slows down the framerate by about 50 fps when properlly textured. Any way I can fix this whole mess and get a good looking sky?
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Joined: 21st Oct 2002
Location: Sweden
Posted: 26th Nov 2002 05:17
Hmmmmmmm, DB is a bit slow to texture I bet u have a really huge megabytez texture for the sky, so it will slow everything down. U could alternativaly use a smaller texture ( jpg for instance ) or a skybox ( I like this most ). or.... hmmmm, use fog so u won't render all the sky at once

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