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DarkBASIC Discussion / Cartography Shop 2

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Joined: 8th Nov 2002
Posted: 26th Nov 2002 06:38
Just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem with Cartography Shop 2. If I run a Cartography Shop map in darkbasic that is aproxermetly more then 150 - 160 models it will start to run slow. I know that this is not my computer making the problem. I think it has somthing to do with the way Darkbasic compiles its code. Anyway if there is anyone out there who knows of this problem and could give me some help it would be grate.
David T
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: England
Posted: 26th Nov 2002 20:13
I think it's just the large models, I'm afraid. No wonder the downloadable CS demo was only a small map

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