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3 Dimensional Chat / Getting 2 player controls working

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Joined: 1st Dec 2002
Location: UK
Posted: 1st Dec 2002 14:33
Hi, i am REALLY stuck. I am making a 2 player game, and cannot get the 2 planes on screen to move at the same time. The controls are on keyboard. What happens is that controlling either plane independatly will work 100%, if 2 keys are pressed at the same time then only 1 will have any effect. my only thought is to put all controls into one line of code so that any movement will be carried out at the exact time? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO!!!! please contact me if you can help me, or would like to see my code.
thanks marcus.
Mind Storm 101
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Joined: 1st Dec 2002
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Posted: 1st Dec 2002 23:37
Try using keystate() instead of whatever your using...
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John H
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Posted: 2nd Dec 2002 04:37
Well, record each of the planes position as a variable, for instance

x#= object position x(x)

then use INC and DEC to change the x value according to the numbers.

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