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3 Dimensional Chat / 3DS Max is working against me, will some one plase help

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Joined: 27th Nov 2002
Posted: 2nd Dec 2002 01:08
I have a car as object 10, and my terrain created in 3DS Max is object 1001. When I run the proggy, I see my car and I see my land, however it will not move forward. When I turn off collision it will, my car will then move but through the rolling hills.

How do I get in to stay on top pf terrain and climb and go down the hills like a car in rough terrain should??!

my code;

SET DISPLAY MODE 1024, 768, 16
sync rate 60 : hide mouse

Fog on
Fog distance 2000
Fog color RGB(128,128,128)
Color Backdrop RGB(128,128,128)

load object "./objects/car.x",10
position object 10,950,0,900
load object "./objects/terrain.x",1001
position object 1001,750,320,0

Rem Main loop

Rem Store Object angle Y in aY#
aY# = Object angle Y(10)
Rem Control input for camera
If Upkey()=1 then Move object 10,10
If Leftkey()=1 then Yrotate object 10,Wrapvalue(aY#-5)
If Rightkey()=1 then Yrotate object 10,Wrapvalue(aY#+5)

Rem Detect collision
If Object collision(10,1001) then position object 10,X#,0,Z#
Rem get player object position and store in X# and Z#
X# = Object position x(10)
Z# = Object position z(10)
Rem get new camera position and store in cZ# and cX#
cZ# = Newzvalue(Z#,aY#-180,100)
cX# = Newxvalue(X#,aY#-180,100)
Rem position camera
Position Camera cX#,45,cZ#
Rem point the camera at the player object
Point camera X#,25,Z#+20

rem score tracker
set cursor 50,20
print "score: ",score
set cursor 50,40
print "speed: ",Speed
set cursor 50,60
print "Frames Per Second: ",SCREEN FPS()

Rem Refresh Screen


thnax in advance for you expertise and help!
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Joined: 27th Nov 2002
Posted: 2nd Dec 2002 01:16
here is a snapshot of the game I am trying to make

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