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DarkBASIC Discussion / To copyright or not

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Joined: 13th Nov 2002
Posted: 3rd Dec 2002 05:46
I have noticed that in the code sniplits of, all of the codes say copyrighted. My question is this. I know ways of doing the exact same thing as the code snipplits, but with my own unique code. MY question is the what is the legal difference if any between using my own code and there code. When people play a game, they do not see the code at all. If one does not wan't someone else to use there code, they should not post it at all. For example, what If I made a sniplet on how to make a sphere blink on and off, then I copyrighted it. There are at least two ways of doing it. The hide command and the off command. So anybody could easily do the same exact thing with different code. So what purpose does copyrighting CODE do when people will use it anyway, or make there own code to do the same effect?
Megaman X
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Joined: 21st Oct 2002
Location: Sweden
Posted: 3rd Dec 2002 05:54
Very good question... Copyright is always something hard to understand. I agree with u in the case of the ball on and off as exemple. In my opinion, just code ur stuff and not even look at their code, if something bad happens ( if they sue u ), u just have to prove how many ways it's possible to do the same thing... I don't think it will be any problem really...

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.
-- Rogue
Kevin Picone
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 3rd Dec 2002 08:34
It's purely for the protection of those documents in their current form. We don't want people selling snippets through compilations, re-distributing them without permission, publishing them etc etc, this is what were trying to avoid... However, All that is really asked of anybody including some code 'as is' in their programs, is to be nice enough to give credit.

As always this comes down to nothing more a moral question really. At the end of the day, i'm not too fussed if people credit or not, it's nice to see the odd "thanks to" in a readme say. Although, I guess it does effect my attitude towards investing more time in producing more snippets in some way..

However, It does needs to noted that any copyright owner, has the right limit re-distribution of the materials and any derivates materials, not only that can disassociate themselves / stop derivate works if so desired. This is guaranteed under the basic rights of copyright. Thus, It's not legal to base a work on another copyrighted work and re-distribute it without permission.

As for the blinking example and your question, it's really simple.

If the blinking code was taken from any copyrighted document. Then legally, Yes it's a breach of the copyright holders rights.. unless the document is public domain to begin with.

However, if you developed code that achieves the same result on your own, there is NO breach, Moreover, if you read a source document/book/web site and thus only take away the method(s) employed. Then develop a recreation on your own, This is also perfectly legal also. As method/principals can not be covered under copyright...

As I said previously, I'm not fussed about the inclusion of code in app's, as really that's what it's there for..

Kevin Picone

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