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DarkBASIC Discussion / I need some help with "Static Objects"

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Joined: 5th Nov 2002
Posted: 4th Dec 2002 16:26

This problem is a little strange but the solution may be rather simple, I hope.

I am in the process of going throught the multi-part game creation (FPS) tutorial. I wanted to load a couple of "Static Objects" (various idle.x files) from the static object media sub-directory to serve as targets in the math collision example. Now when I load them in the the Load Object command I can "NOT" see them. However when I load the same "idle.x" file from the animated (I think thats the name I'm not at home now to check) subdirectory I can see them.

In addition I made an ".x" file (again static) in a modeling program and loaded it into the same dba file and I couldn't see that either. The funny thing is when I just open a very simple dba file with just the "load object" command only I can see the object I made. However when I add other items (matrix, animated objects and db code made objects) it again can't be seen.

Okay folks does everything have to have some loop-a-ble motion to be seen???

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Joined: 25th Oct 2002
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Posted: 4th Dec 2002 19:23
i think i had the same problem. so i tryed scaling the object very big and position it far from the camera(so that you are not in the object which you cant see it). try scaling it about 10000,10000,10000 or even 50000,50000,50000. its x,y,z values. sometimes the objects that are made and loaded in are way too small. remember that the size of the object does not affect the fps. only the poly count.

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