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DarkBASIC Discussion / DB112 Truespace Models

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Joined: 9th Dec 2002
Posted: 10th Dec 2002 00:25

I am new to Dark Basic, which I picked up today at CompUSA. It looks like the old Basic I used to work with, but there is a lot of add on functionality that I like. I have version 1.12 and was wondering if anyone knows if 3D models can be imported to the program. I have Truespace 4.3 and 6.0 which I use to create 3d Models and I also have crossroads which can allow me to convert models to just about any other model type.

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: Ireland
Posted: 10th Dec 2002 01:23
Convert models to directx format .x and load them in using load object "modelname.x",objectno
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
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Posted: 10th Dec 2002 05:57
trueSpace 3.x and above can export DirectX
trueSpace 1.x and above can export 3DS

keep away from IK animation and they'll export find for use, just remember to change the scale of the world to meters and model to centemeteres.

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