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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Please help

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Joined: 11th Dec 2002
Posted: 14th Dec 2002 15:00
can someone please tell me why my 2D box is not showing

load bitmap "C:\Ste\yellow.bmp"
load sound "C:\Ste\end.wav",1
ink rgb(244,214,210),0
hide mouse
loop music 1
sync on
if upkey()=1 then circle 200,200,30
if upkey()=1 then play sound 1
if downkey()=1 then box left,top,right,bottom
suspend for key

the circle shows fine and sound plays fine.. but no box, i also seen that it said filled box, if any one will be willing to help me can they tell me the code for a none filled box please... i am very new.. say 3 days i have been playing with this cool program
The Darthster
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Joined: 25th Sep 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 14th Dec 2002 23:40
What values have you put in left right top and bottom? Those need to be either numbers, or variables with numbers in (default to 0, could be why you can't see the box)

The other problem could be that you are not drawing the the screen (bitmap 0, use 'set current bitmap 0') but since you can see the circle, I guess this isn't the problem.

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