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3 Dimensional Chat / .X and Bump mapping

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Posted: 17th Dec 2002 06:22

I created a model that consist of several submodels grouped together, i.e. it will be enumerated as Limbs in DBpro. Because of this, I need to texture map and bump map each sub model separately (i.e. each submodel have its own texture/bump map file instead of the entire model share one texture.bump map file). I did all this in MAX and export it as .X file.

The problem is .X file only contains diffuse map (the main texture map). The bump map references are not store in it. DBpro has only command for bump map the entire model. How do I bump map the individual limb?

I would need to redo the entire model if there is no way of doing this. I didn't aware of this initially. If possible, I want to avoid redoing everything.

Can anybody help me?
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