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DarkBASIC Discussion / anyone help with 3d particle effects

Flames DB
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Joined: 10th Dec 2002
Posted: 19th Dec 2002 18:05
hi i want to implement the particle effect of fire and smoke as if a 3d object eg car was on fire. but dont understand how people create particle effects, please help
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Joined: 5th Oct 2002
Location: Brittania
Posted: 19th Dec 2002 18:50
It is simple. You need to create a plain for each individual particle. then you texture it and position it. Also each loop you must make sure the plain s facing the camera. THere are no in built particle commands in db, so u have to use dbproto get anything like the number of article you need withougt the game slowing to a halt

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Joined: 25th Oct 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 19th Dec 2002 23:25
look at
i would like to help other people but you guys wont see me on the forum for a long time. but i am still programing in darkbasic.


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