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DarkBASIC Discussion / Using external maps/levels in DB (v113)

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Joined: 7th Dec 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 24th Dec 2002 19:03
Just a quicky question or two..

If I build say... 4 levels/zones, to use in a game, and I use GtkRadiant to build them.. or even some other editor.. What formats of levels/maps are usable by DB? I know that DB 113 needs enhancements and stuff to use BSP, but what other formats can DB play with?

Oh, and same goes for models, both npc/monster and players and the like?

Don't mean to be pain, just before I go building levels in GtkRadiant, I wanna know that DBv113 is gonna be able to use em =)

Thanks in advance, to all who post with relevant and helpful info =)
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Joined: 5th Oct 2002
Location: Clonmel, Ireland
Posted: 26th Dec 2002 22:36
DB 113 can really only use .x and .3ds files for any kind of model, be it world or character. I dont know if there's any plug-ins lying around for v113 that let you import other formats, but I say your best bet for compatibility with DB is to use .x files and matrices.

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