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DarkBASIC Discussion / Saving scaled models

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Joined: 13th Nov 2002
Posted: 26th Dec 2002 23:25
I am trying to make a 3d modeler in Dark Basic. I found out how to copy a 3ds model, or .x model, and how to scale it. My question is how do you saved a SCALED model once you have scaled it during gameplay? I am usin the expansion pack also.
Fluffy Paul
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Joined: 16th Dec 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 27th Dec 2002 00:57
Dude, you can save the model as a memblock and then save the memblock as a file. This will be OK if you're saving the model to be used in another Dark Basic application as you can just make a new memblock from that file when you need the model.

If you need to save in a different format (like .x or .3ds) then you wil have to write a translation routine which takes all the vertex and normal data and rearranges it into the right format.

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