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Joined: 20th Dec 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 1st Jan 2003 07:51
cls rgb(255,255,255)
load image "image.bmp",1
sprite 1,1,1,1

how come when i write this and image.bmp has black in it, the black is changed to white? why does the cls white mess with the color of the image?
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Joined: 5th Oct 2002
Location: Clonmel, Ireland
Posted: 1st Jan 2003 19:08
Nope, black is seen as a transparent colour for sprites in DB. This is for when you make a sprite which isn't square, and you dont want every part of the background of the image to be seen. One solution is to change the black parts of the picture, i.e RGB(0,0,0) to less pure black,RGB(20,20,20). You can see almost no difference and it works like a charm

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