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DarkBASIC Discussion / full DB1.3 still limited to 32 limbs?

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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Posted: 2nd Jan 2003 02:40
I make objects in Anim8tor and fit the parts together and
use the menu option to "group" the parts together then
save as a 3ds, then convert into an X.file.

When I load this into DB, I then can use if limb exist()
to find the correct number of limbs, but this is what I
found out. In DBv1 I can only check for 32 limbs, any more
then this and you will create an error. To my great
happiness, this does NOT occur in DBPRO, I can check for
hundreds of limbs.

I come from the days when the DB demo was limited
to 32 bitmaps, 32 objects, etc, "Sept 1999".
Since then I bought the CD version, and DBPRO.
Has Lee, overlooked this limitation that should have
been removed in the full version?..or is there a
reason for this limitation?...(maybe 32 is just a fluke)

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