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Joined: 31st Dec 2002
Location: Where I live :)
Posted: 3rd Jan 2003 18:54
233 MHz is what I have, with P1. Will DB even RUN on my computer, let alone any GAMES I write?

I've tried playing some 3D games written in DB but I get System Error 165, which I think it's about my vid card. Although a few games wouldn't work one did, that Swarm game, it went so slow. The other game thatran was the JetSki one... it also went slow. I remember the JetSki one working a while back, any suggestions?

Keep in mind I'm only 12 years old, it's hard to make money... any ideas?

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Joined: 22nd Dec 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 3rd Jan 2003 19:00
Heheh....that was the day. Actually, what you probably really need is a faster cpu. So, what I did to acheive this was chores, and eventually the money i received for doing them went towards parts for a new computer. I think I finished it when i was 13, like a year ago, and now my computer is fried. I would just try to make deals w/ your parents.....heheh....and save up for another computer. The best place for good products (most of the time) and cheap stuff is [url][/url]. You can try buying a barebones pc that comes w/ the case, cpu, and other things you'll need. Then, you could put your cards and such into it then you'll have a 'screamin deamon' could also just get another videocard, but you will need to get another pc soon---it is almost absolete.


noobie game designer
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Joined: 26th Aug 2002
Location: Earth, Brisbane, Australia
Posted: 4th Jan 2003 04:21
if u looked for a tnt2m64 32 meg card you would have enough to see the 3d but not the transformation and lighting effects on other cards.

they are like $30 US or cheaper nowadays.

You will prolly wont to get a PCI version instead of AGP but check if your comp has AGP first.

IF not it might be better to spend $250 for a 600mhz pc without a monitor and use that instead.

Yah if money is an issue see part 1

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