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FPSC Classic Product Chat / orthogonal walls ?

Kevin Picone
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: Australia
Posted: 23rd Oct 2004 08:18 Edited at: 26th Mar 2011 23:12
Had a look at the videos before.. and well is there any reason for the orthogonal walls ? (walls at right angles to each other)

Just a demo thing ?

Ian T
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Joined: 12th Sep 2002
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Posted: 23rd Oct 2004 13:28 Edited at: 23rd Oct 2004 13:28
Well, from the tutorial video, it looked like they had 'wall painting' (Very cool btw), which obviously pretty much requires square tiles. If it's as flexible as they say, though, we could load up anything as world objects ...

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Richard Davey
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Joined: 30th Apr 2002
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Posted: 23rd Oct 2004 13:36
Kev - it's just a segment thing, that's all we had loaded for the demo, but we have curved walls, etc in the current beta.

Mouse - yeah, we have proper wall painting and carving, so you can draw out extra areas, etc. But there are definitely "non-square" prefabs and segs too!

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