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2D All the way! / Using Sprites

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Joined: 2nd Jan 2003
Posted: 5th Jan 2003 07:12
Hello All,

I am in the process of making my first ever game using dark basic. The plans are to have 2 stick figures fighting with each other. I have all of the images made, but i can't figure out how to make it so if i press a button, it will change to the kicking image, or if it is even supposed to do that. This is after reading the tutorials with dark basic lite and tutorial on a fighting game.

Is there any hope for cybersamurai and vinney the fighting stick figure?

Thanks for any and all help
Rusty Gears
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Joined: 15th Dec 2002
Posted: 5th Jan 2003 08:50
Im having the same problem, in a way. I plan on making an online CT (different name and images changed and such) but, thats going to be my bases. I changed all the animations to avi, but, couldnt positions them, they start off at the top of the screen, plus, cant make them transparent. So, how would I go about making it so a sprite can walk, but, be animated? Im really confused on it

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Joined: 26th Sep 2002
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Posted: 6th Jan 2003 03:06
To make a sprite, place the code in the main loop, and draw a different image name on the same sprite according to a varible.



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