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Joined: 24th Nov 2002
Location: Cyberspace
Posted: 5th Jan 2003 19:05
I am making a game in DB and when i try and use dark basic's built in collision it slows down the game or does not detect the collision. Is there another way to get this to work.
Please help
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Joined: 5th Oct 2002
Location: Clonmel, Ireland
Posted: 5th Jan 2003 22:25
Uhm, be more precise. What kind of game is it? 2D or 3D?
Try to include a snippet too.

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Joined: 22nd Dec 2002
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Posted: 6th Jan 2003 03:51
Like RPGamer said in the other area which you shouldn't have double-posted on:

Write your own collision code.

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