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DarkBASIC Discussion / Loading Meshes/Loading Objects

Dr DooMer
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Posted: 6th Jan 2003 01:35
Hi there! I forsee a problem with a game that I'm working on, and thought I'd better see if anyone has a good solution:

I need to be able change the mesh of an object at any time in the game, but without it needing to stop and load the new mesh. I know this can be achieved by loading each possible mesh at the start of the program and then using the "change object mesh" command. This is the way I'd like to do it, but that won't retain any limb or animation data, which I really need to keep.

I know that I could get around this by either splitting my 'template' objects up into several different meshes and the appending an animation to them and I also think memblocks could help me, but I've never used them much before. Can memblocks do this, or is there a better way my problem can be solved?

Thanks in advance!
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