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DarkBASIC Discussion / DarkEdit User Defined Types

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Joined: 6th Jan 2003
Posted: 7th Jan 2003 06:32

Any help would be appreciated with the problem I'm currently having: I'm running DB V1.12 enhanced and using Dark Edit latest version, allowing the user defined types.

I'm having terrible difficulties trying to copy a user defined datatype with the following elements:

type file
name$, date$, size, desc$
end type

It is then stored in an array:

dimtype file, File_Name(500)

I am then trying to do a quick sort algorithm on the File_Name(i).name$ element to reorder the array in alpahbetic order. I have tried a simple copy as well as an element by element copy within a repeat - until loop. No joy ... very sad ... any hints! tips! ideas!

Also, I am having a difficulty trying to pass arrays as a parameter to functions ... any one else encountered this problem.

Any help appreciated.


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