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FPSC Classic Product Chat / NEW TO THIS ALL

Tango Cash 78
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Joined: 28th Nov 2004
Posted: 29th Nov 2004 04:48
Hey guys...I have no idea how to go about programming anything. So, without having any knowledge of DarkBasic or C++ or whatever, would it still be easy to create games using teh FPSC? Will it be as simple as that 3D Game Maker program that came out a few years back?
Physics coder
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Joined: 25th May 2004
Location: United States
Posted: 29th Nov 2004 05:34
Yeah, I think so.

The only actual coding I know of is going to be the AI scripts. I'm sure there will be AI scripts included so you don't have to know how to script it.

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Peter H
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Joined: 20th Feb 2004
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Posted: 29th Nov 2004 06:18
i think you'll be able to create FPS's with the FPSC without any programming knowledge...but your AI won't be original and it'd sure help for other stuff...

also if you want original games you would need to know how to model/texture...or get somebody else to do it

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LoneWolf 3D
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Joined: 24th Nov 2004
Location: Coleman Michigan - USA
Posted: 29th Nov 2004 12:24
Hello, I am new to this forum, but have been designing games for a while now. I have used a vareity of different game engines and what I have read about this FPS Creator is there is no programming. You will have to get into the scripting to put more original ideas to work for you, so the game is not such a clone as the next guys. I would say that if you get into it and start really understanding the program, you could make some really nice games and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Joined: 11th Sep 2003
Posted: 30th Nov 2004 08:36
If you get good at something, like model making or level editing, you may even be able to trade for the scripts you want, like, I'll make this model for you if you make a script that does this for me. If you learn to write pseudocode this will be easier and it would be a start for any programming that you might do down the line. FPSC would be a good way to incrementally learn, first learn the basics of FPSC with the models and AI provided and then learn some aspect of game making like modelling or programming.

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