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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Another question on Matrix

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Joined: 24th Nov 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 9th Jan 2003 17:59
One more Quick one then I will be out of here. I have tried to texture a matrix all kinds of different ways and the texture just looks like it is repeated over the matrix in rows and colums all nice and neat I don't want that I want it to look natural. Is this A bug in DBP or am I doing it wrong? I have used all the matrix commands that have to do with texture In all different ways and can't get the texture right
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Joined: 24th Nov 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 9th Jan 2003 19:11
I have run the code in DB 1.13 and the matrix looks fine

make matrix 1,1000,1000,25,25
load image "Marble-Black.bmp", 1
load image "gravel01.jpg",2
prepare matrix texture 1,2,1,1
set matrix tile 1,1,1,1
position matrix 1,0,0,0
shift matrix down 1

update matrix 1
load object "canvas.x",1
scale object 1, 500,500,500
position object 1,500,25,500
rem position camera 0, 0.0, 100.0, 0.0
texture object 1,1
rem control camera using arrowkeys 0,1,1

I had to rem a couple of commands but otherwise this matrix looked ok in DB 1.13.
I tried to put this code in a code snippit box but that did not work for me. I have searched the forums for the answer to this but don't have time to look at every page. The old forums had a search option these forums do not at least that I can find. I addressed this issue in the DBPRO forum but got no reply, but have been rudly told to search the forums. I don't have the time or desire to search through hundreds of pages of forum questions for an answer so a search option would be nice. Until I guess everyone will have to put up with the same things being asked over and over

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Joined: 3rd Nov 2002
Location: Naytonia
Posted: 9th Jan 2003 19:40
hmm, i guess it depends on the textures used, some textures are created in such a way that no matter how many time repeated on the tiles, you cannot see the row and column lines, in the case of some of the great games i've seen so far with nice landscapes, you have to carefully select the textures u use, for example, if you want both sand and grass on your matrix, don't have on grass texture and one sand texture, using this this would produce a fine line on your matrix where the grass turns into sand and in real life this is not so! you need a transition texture that contains both sand and grass but fading from one to the other, this is easy to do using microsoft paint (if you want i'll xplain) using this would make your grounds more realistic.

in the end of it all, you'll be using 4 * 4 (256 * 256) textures so you'll have diffrent trasitions. Thats the max i could go on one matrix withought loosing much quality on the actual texture.

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