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DarkBASIC Discussion / This is crazy.....

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Joined: 4th Jan 2003
Posted: 10th Jan 2003 23:48
I think DarkBASIC needs to get one solid publisher(For the U.S.). It's really confusing me. I originally heard of DarkBASIC. Then, I saw a version called DarkBASIC:The ultimate 3D games creator. Then I heard about The 3D Games Creator, which has the DarkBASIC name on the box because it was programmed in DB, but is a point-and-click thing. Then I went on and ordered something called simply DarkBASIC. Then I find out it's through J&R Music and Computer, so I go to their website to find out why my product hasn't shipped after a week. Though, on their site, the product is called DarkBASIC 3D Games Creator, and it has a different box design than the one I ordered on Amazon. I'm pretty sure it's actually DarkBASIC, since it talks about Programming Language and stuff in the features. (If it's the 3D Games Creator, somebody's going to hear about it. It better not be since it was 60 dollars.) Anyway, that's really confusing... From what I've heard, DBPro doesn't have these kinds of problems since I think they're only through RGT...
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Joined: 4th Jan 2003
Location: United States
Posted: 11th Jan 2003 00:58
Sounds like the experience I had also, although I had purchased the "Game Programming Starter Kit 6.0" and tried to upgrade, but there is no upgrade option at RGT, I ended up just purchasing the DarkBasic upgrade (electronic version), from the main site.

I think I will eventually I plan to purchase DBPro when all
the upgrades a solid.

You might want to email (if you already didn't) Mr. Vanner or Mr. Bamber about the product # you ordered just in case
you might have to sort it out, so you get the right version
you want.


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