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FPSC Classic Product Chat / Weather effects

Mr Flowerkohl
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Joined: 19th Jan 2005
Location: Deutschland - Germany
Posted: 24th Jan 2005 14:55
Hmm...i think this has not been answered yet. Up to which degree can FPSC handle weather effects ? i mean , can we do rain effects or snow ? and especially for it possible to customize how the player footsteps sound on a snow "floor panel" ?
What also would be very cool --> lens flares ! Like in serious sam. when youre looking to the sun. i think clouds can be animated on the sky layer-texture.
( ps: sorry for my english ^^ )
David T
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Joined: 27th Aug 2002
Location: England
Posted: 24th Jan 2005 15:54
I know there are no weather effects. I don't think there's a sun either so, no lens flares

I think the player walk on a surface sounch is configurable.

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Joined: 18th Jan 2005
Posted: 24th Jan 2005 20:43
David T

In the video I see lee place a .Particle Emitter to make steam.
If the emitterr axis can be rotated or Take a negative value.
A few placed in a outside level could make some weather effects.
Is this doable?

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