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3 Dimensional Chat / 3DMax to Lightwave

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Joined: 31st Oct 2002
Location: Bangor, Northern Ireland
Posted: 19th Jan 2003 14:21
Hi there.
I have been using my old 3DMax 3 to make models and animations for some time. The problem is that i am now starting to do some game development and conv3ds or the .x export plugin are not producing accurate results when i load the converted objects in my dbpro game.
I want to get a new 3d package and have read a lot about lightwave. Can anyone give me an opinion on which is better, a new version of max or a switch to lightwave?
I am focusing on game development now and i get the impression from what i have read that lightwave is more suitable.
Any thoughts would be helpful.
Shadow Robert
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Joined: 22nd Sep 2002
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Posted: 20th Jan 2003 03:38
its all upto what you find more useful and easier to use...
both lightwave and max's psudeo formats are interchangeable (LWO and 3DS) but the standard scene formats arn't

Anata aru kowagaru no watashi!

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