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FPSC Classic Product Chat / [LOCKED] consider the following

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Joined: 27th Jan 2005
Posted: 1st Feb 2005 23:57
i think that these are a few things that i need to be answered before i am going to spend the 56$ on this design tool.

1)what kind of quality can this game make (ie:half life) or is it as bad as quake

2)what will the controls be like how many controls can you set as doing things

3)will there be a watermark on anything in the game such as when i make a executable file will i say MADE WITH FPS CREATOR when someone installes.

thanks you and plz answer and tell me what you think is important
Rob K
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Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
Posted: 2nd Feb 2005 00:03

All of these have been answered in other threads - please have a look through the FAQs and other topics before posting.

1) That is entirely up to you - but don't expect to make Half Life 3 in FPS Creator. Have a look at the screenshots to give you an idea.

2) Customiseable - see other threads. W,A,S,D,Space by default

3) There is a splash screen at the end of the game.

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