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Joined: 11th Nov 2004
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Posted: 4th Feb 2005 19:36
hi, i know you can place trains ,but in another topic i saw they were eneties with waypoints, now my question is can we make a train with a litle control (ala halflife) or will it just be wp

p.s.if there is no direct control i thought of it maybe to make 2 buttons on the train and link them to a script when pressed for eg. left button going forward and right button going backwards

(sry for my english , english isnt my native language you know )

*put stupid comment here*
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Joined: 5th Jan 2005
Posted: 4th Feb 2005 20:54 Edited at: 4th Feb 2005 20:54
The train in that other post was an enemy modeled
as a train with waypoints.
It is just an enemy in disguise. Its sort of a getaround
for those who want trains/cars in their map. I would
recomend using them as scenery in the backround
preferably were the player cant get.

EDIT: So NO, no controls.

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