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FPSC Classic Models and Media / darkmatter2 and character shop

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Posted: 20th Feb 2005 11:44
Firslty i tried loading the default 'ranger' model from character shop and copying a character script, changeing the details etc and trying to load it in. The icon for the model came up in the entities folder, but when i tried to place it, the model was no where to be seen? and just placed a dot on the map.. maybe that was it, but it was just too tiny!

Also i tried a darkmatter model , and thankfully i did get the model to load into fps, but it was lying flat on the ground. And no matter what i tried to do , i cold not get it to stand as the internal models do. Is there a reason for this?
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Posted: 20th Feb 2005 20:42
Have you tried increasing the scale in the script for you Ranger?
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Posted: 21st Feb 2005 02:53
You need to scale any model for Character Shop in a modelling program to the same dimensions and position as the default Ranger model. Then you will see it correctly in character shop etc.


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Posted: 21st Feb 2005 06:42
gbuilder - i am using the default ranger model as i said in my post - i am simple exporting that model to test

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