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FPSC Classic Models and Media / how do you turn off blood

doom on cats
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Joined: 31st Mar 2004
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Posted: 1st Mar 2005 07:29
the fps creator is really good and all except that i can't seem to find a switch to turn off the gory blood that is on it... can i have some help?
Swhale aka The FPS Creator
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Posted: 7th Mar 2005 11:19 Edited at: 7th Mar 2005 11:20
accually, when you compile the game if you look in the files folder you can go into gamecore, and decals then delete the blood folder. simple as that!

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Joined: 5th Jan 2005
Posted: 7th Mar 2005 19:26
Put the file in
And put the file in

Replace the original files.

Now your games will be TOTALY blood FREE.


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