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FPSC Classic Models and Media / How do u create a characters texture..and its blending

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Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 06:17
I wasnt sure where to post this question, so decided here... I am nearly to a close on creating my first character model and i am very pleased with the way it has turned out. I know how to make a UV map of it and save this as an image so i can then use this as a base to add the textures to it for the characters clothing etc... and this leads to my question....

When i see commercial models, it looks like they use 'real' textures of cloth, material, or anything in fact to paint the texture of the model, so my question is... in paintshop or photoshop, can u 'spray' real textures onto the uv map to design the clothing?

Any help on this topic would be thankfully received...


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Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 06:56

Spray...That is a hard question at least for me to attempt to answer but I will do what I can. If I am talking above your head, please let me know.

I am assuming since you have modeled you have an idea on how to export a image with the flatten out polys in order for you to bring into your paint application. There is a (in photoshop) a spray brush you can use. If you have ever been to an art store, you will see racks and racks of paint brushes. Each brush does something different (size, shape, how much paint it can hold, etc) so what you can do is either create your own brush, purchase brushes from 3rd party vendors, or use the built in ones. I have found out (ad photoshop) that the built in brushes suit me quite well. Take a quick look in the help on how to design/use custom brushes.

Most of the effects achieved to clothing is either rendered images (using your modeling program, use the cloth modifier and make a plane that wraps around your model, with lighting effects) or hand drawn. You need to learn "shading" to make some really nice artwork. Shading and Highlighting is the best thing I can tell you besides using custom brushes (like the Chain Mail brush).

I hope this helps you in some small way.

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Posted: 2nd Mar 2005 06:59
Thankyou for replying.. That really does help.. In my mind, i thought you would have like.. thumnails of the textures u wish to use, i.e. woven cloth texture, metal texture etc, and click on them to spray the texture on - but i see exactly what u mean, by the brushes.

Thanks.. checking out now
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Posted: 3rd Mar 2005 17:06
Take a look at Psionics "Zombie" skinning tutorial
it shows how to do clothing.

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