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FPSC Classic Models and Media / Texturing in the segment editor and explanation of work pipeline AnimationMaster ---> ZBrush --> Segment Editor

Heiner McHink
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Joined: 25th Jan 2005
Posted: 9th Apr 2005 05:54
Hi there,
after playing around a while, i am making some nice progress on importing my own segment models. But i can not make textures show up in the browser, and therefore i can not apply them. I have them in a 256x256 resolution, i convertet them to .dds ... but when i try to get a texture on my model, in the browser is nothing. If i look in other folders, there are the dds files, and they show up, but not the ones which i made (using the nVidia Photoshop Plugins). Has somebody any idea what may be the problem here?
I also would like to encourage those of you, which are also working with the segment editor, to share their knowledge. A big thank you to you upfront.
I am working with Animation:Master and ZBrush to model and texture my stuff, and till now i have mastered the workflow, in other words, i can do models, i can texture them, and i am getting tem into the segment editor (exept for the textures of course). I am modeling in AM, then applying a texture as Decal. Then i am exporting as .OBJ, which keeps the UV Data. Then the object is imported into ZBrush, and here the texture is applied again. Now i do thge texturing work by painting directly on the object. Then i am eporting the applied map picture, and switch back to AM. Here i call up the model which was exported formerly, and i change the image of the decal to the new picture made in Zbrush. So it keeps its UV-Coordinates. Then i am exporting with the .X exporter of Obsidian Software from AM into an 8.0 X file, which loads pretty niceley into the segment editor.
One word about the work in Animation Master: It is a really exellent tool for low polygon modelling. You have direct acess to each controll point, click on it and drag it around, whitout to go trough 3 menus in order to activate the "edit controll point" function. It is like working with virtual clay, and much more intuitive than a programm like GameSpace, which is nice, but no competition at all.
It has some great tools for applying textures, and its animation and rigging features are only equaled by programms like Maya or 3DsMax, and it ist quite cheap (some 270 € or so)
Aside from that, i start to feel at home in the work enviroment of FPSC.
I hope that i can share some pictures of my work soon.


Imagination rules!!!

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