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3 Dimensional Chat / worlcraft bsp worked!!

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Joined: 12th Jan 2003
Posted: 14th Feb 2003 04:38
i made a bsp in valve hammer editor and it worked, when i placed the .wad files in the same folder it stuffed up, where ever i had textured there was a techno coloured texture (not the texture i used), so i placed both the bsp and .wad files into a .pak file and ran the game this time my textures came up!!!! but they were covered by the same transparent techno colour, why is this???
the architect
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Joined: 6th Jan 2003
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 15th Feb 2003 02:37
Use QUARKE AND never worry bout royalties!!!!!!!!

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Joined: 19th Dec 2002
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 16th Feb 2003 21:05
Where can you get Quark nowadays? I remeber using it extensively in my Quake days... hehe. Would be cool to use it again to create levels for my own game.
Do you also know a nice site with WAD texture libs?

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