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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Bones animation

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Joined: 29th Sep 2002
Location: Norway
Posted: 3rd Oct 2002 05:44
People talk about bone animation.. And i have a question that someone might answer for me...

1. When you talk about bones animation is that animation that is exported from a animation program (Milkshape, CharactrFX, etc.) or is it realtime programmatic bone animation?

2. What is best? I've heard that bones animation is good because you can animate seperate bodyparts etc. (shoot while run..etc..) at the same time.

3. I've seen FPS games with good animation, when a player dies or fall down from something, the body is randomly (or maybe calculated) to fall correctly on the ground, but it is not a constant animation, its different animation every time, like the gravity is calculated into the fall. That must had been done with realtime bones animation doesn't it?

4. What kind of bones animation does DBPro support, i know it supports bones animation but is that also programmatic? or just animation thast is exported from a thrid party program?

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