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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / Could I have a few pointers with this

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Joined: 11th Oct 2005
Posted: 14th Oct 2005 22:01
Hello. I did this little map on the fly, as an experiment whilst reading through the manual. Basically the (very short and simple) story is - you are a spy, you start out having been captured and you need to get out of your cell and find a secret document. I wondered if anyone with a bit more experience than me could give a few comments. There are a few problems that I know about but I don't know if they are bugs or a mistake on my part.
1: the door to the corridor opens without the use of the switch next to it.
2: the guard won't walk the waypoint
3: If you check the map in edit mode you will see that I can't delete the windows.
4: Cable drums and boxes won't stay stacked no matter how I stack them.
Anyway there you are. See what you think.


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Joined: 5th May 2004
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Posted: 14th Oct 2005 23:19 need to place a Remote Door, and a switch for it also
2.did you properly place the waypoint?
4.i dont know what to do there, it works fine for me

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Joined: 11th Oct 2005
Posted: 15th Oct 2005 20:48
Thanks for looking. You said normal for no.3. I put the windows in but decided to remove them, but they won't delete, same goes for the door.
K Jah
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Joined: 13th Jun 2005
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Posted: 20th Oct 2005 13:34 Edited at: 20th Oct 2005 13:58
to delete windows and doors:
1. Selct the same door/window
2. Do as you would to place the door/window but right click instead.
3. If that doesn't work then try from the other side, note here that the arrow must be pointing towards the door/window.

To make your guy follow waypoints he needs the follow.fpi script in scripts/people.

For doors and switches you need to place a remote door, assign a unique name, then with thw switch you need to put that unique name in the If Used box instead of Remote Door.

Hope this helps,

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Joined: 18th Oct 2004
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Posted: 20th Oct 2005 17:25
Pace.fpi should follow waypoints too, i think.

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