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Newcomers DBPro Corner / 3-D modelers..

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Joined: 7th Oct 2002
Location: Afghanistan
Posted: 8th Oct 2002 00:41
Hermz.. I'm new to DBPRO so I just want to know, What kind of 3d modelers can export the mdls used by DBPRO? And if there are any what are there file endings.. like *.3ds. Ah yes and are there any website that teach the BASIC launguage? (Too cheap to buy a book )
Everyone knows it's a dangerous substance..
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Joined: 5th Oct 2002
Location: Clonmel, Ireland
Posted: 11th Oct 2002 23:47
In my opinion one of the best modeller is Milkshape 3d. Its easy to use and cheap. It also supports DB models, i.e. .x, .3ds and .md3 and can also convert other models.
you can get it at

As for learning to use DB, try out the many tutorials that are available. You might want to go to the tutorial forum.

Also, for more info, try the 3d forum
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Joined: 13th Oct 2002
Location: Canada
Posted: 14th Oct 2002 08:13
i think the best modeler is 3D Canvas,it is REALLY ez to use and ez to export...

damn...and look at the gallery!!!

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Joined: 31st Oct 2002
Posted: 31st Oct 2002 19:57
Any website that teaches BASIC is probably not going to be enough for you to use DarkBASIC. It will just include commands like Print, For..Next, If..then, etc. The help files for DarkBASIC are comprehensive enough for you to learn what you need. If you only have the demo, here is a brief list of what the full version help includes:

-Not much here
-Interface info, how to install, etc.
-Commands/terminology common to every programming language
-Every command available in DBPro, organized by category, with brief descriptios
-Usable examples of code demonstrating a particular procedure, very useful.
-Exactly what it sounds like. Covers a decent amount of functionality
-Every command listed in alphabetical order.

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Joined: 4th Nov 2002
Posted: 5th Nov 2002 01:39
you can use almost anything like maya and 3ds max as long as you have something to import and export them into the right format like milkshape and canvas

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