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The 20 Line Challenge / Monitor Malfunction DBPro (Very Simple Effect)

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Joined: 6th Apr 2006
Location: Istanbul
Posted: 26th Apr 2006 21:52 Edited at: 26th Apr 2006 22:27
This is a very simple 2d effect and I don't think it will fool anybody. But some newcomers may like it. There is a simple sprite and a sound file and their total size is 20 K. Open a new project and after you've copied and pasted the code just unzip the media to the projects folder.
To exit the program press the "space bar".

An alternative is listed below. You can copy and paste this one instead of the one in the snippet.This one uses sprites and looks better.

set display mode 640,480,32:hide mouse
load sound "white_noise1.wav",1:load image "nosignal.bmp",1:set sprite 1,1,0:loop sound 1:clone sprite 1,2
sync on:sync rate 0:sprite 2,320,240,1
for r=1 to 639 step 2
scale sprite 1,r/2
sprite 1,290+rnd(10)-(r/4),210+rnd(10),1
ink (rgb(rnd(255),rnd(255),rnd(255))),0
box 319-xr,239-r,319+xr,239+r
for x=1 to r*10
ink (rgb(rnd(255),rnd(255),rnd(255))),0:rndn=rnd(r*2):rndx=rnd(xr*2)
scale sprite 2,4:rotate sprite 2,wrapvalue(r):paste sprite 2,319-xr+rndx,239-r+rndn
next x
if spacekey()=1 then exitus=1:exit
next r
if exitus=1 then exit

"Ignorance is bliss." Cypher from the movie The Matrix


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Joined: 10th Jun 2006
Posted: 15th Jun 2006 11:09
umm i ain't no expert but don't ur code have to be in a code snippet to be an entry?

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