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Geek Culture / My Dream For DarkBASIC Pro

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Joined: 23rd Sep 2002
Location: United States
Posted: 11th Oct 2002 05:01
although i feel that i am fairly new to DBP (i used the old versions a few years ago), plus i have been programming in 'other' languages for years, so i'm really trying to get the hang of's what i dream for DBP:

1) that it continues to grow & gets better

2) that patches will be frequent and a way to rid itself of bugs

3) that the user base grows & grows & grows

4) that the development team never tires of improving it

5) that someday, given it grows in users and development that the development team will have enough resources (users, sales, etc) that they will make a patch so we could port to systems such as the PS2 (even if it was only for our own personal use)

if DBP is intended to be a decent language for years to come, & if the Team intends to keep it around, shouldnt it only continue to get better & better? and, hopefully by the time my dreams are fulfilled...i will comprehend DBP more fully

just a thought (or 5 of them) to encourage the DBP Team
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