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The 20 Line Challenge / video animation player

flip sk8r11
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Joined: 23rd Aug 2006
Posted: 24th Aug 2006 01:16
just a little video player i threw together im a little new to programming sosync on:sync rate 0:hide mouse
load image "play.bmp",1:load image "m.bmp",2:load image "pause.bmp",3:load image "stop.bmp",4:load image "open.bmp",5:load image "v1.bmp",6:load image "v2.bmp",7
P = 0:ps = 0:s = 0:f = 1:v = 100:o=0
sprite 1,0,440,1:sprite 2,mousex(),mousey(),2:sprite 3,70,440,3:sprite 4,162,440,4:sprite 5,0,0,5:sprite 6,250,440,6:sprite 7,v/100+280,440,7
if upkey() = 1 then inc v,10:if v >= 200 then v = 200
if downkey() = 1 then dec v,10:if v <= -3504 then v = -3504
if animation exist(1) = 1 and set = 1:set animation volume 1,v:set = 0:endif
if upkey() = 1 or downkey() = 1 then set = 1
if sprite hit(2,1) and mouseclick() = 1:if animation exist(1) and animation playing(1) = 0 and pause = 0 : play animation 1,0,50,640,440:endif:if animation exist(1) and pause = 1:pause = 0:resume animation 1:endif:endif
if sprite hit(2,3) and mouseclick() = 1:if animation exist(1):pause animation 1:pause = 1:endif:endif
if sprite hit(2,4) and mouseclick() = 1:if animation exist(1) and animation playing(1):stop animation 1:pause = 0:endif:endif
if sprite hit(2,5) and mouseclick() = 1:if animation exist(1) = 1:delete animation 1:endif:o = 1:endif
if o = 1:hide sprite 5:input play$:if file exist(play$) = 1 : load animation play$,1:o = 0:show sprite 5:else goto top:show sprite 5:endif:endif


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