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Android / Can I compile only for ARM7 to reduce APK size ?

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Joined: 23rd Apr 2015
Posted: 13th Apr 2018 15:27
When I compile a empty project I got a 15mb APK file. I understand there is default runtime which increases apk size, but 15mb is a little high for me. Is it possible to ignore arm5, misp and x86 and only compile for arm7. I guess this would decrease apk size significantly.
Lucas Tiridath
AGK Developer
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Joined: 28th Sep 2008
Location: Kings Langley, UK
Posted: 18th Apr 2018 20:55
Are you building with Tier 1 or Tier 2? I'm fairly sure that Tier 2 only builds for ARMv7 and x86 by default. For Tier 2, I believe that removing x86 should be as simple as opening your file and changing

to just

I don't know about Tier 1 though.
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Joined: 28th Apr 2018
Posted: 28th Apr 2018 12:46

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