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FPS Creator X10 / X10 Demos

Black Terror
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Joined: 22nd Mar 2006
Location: Pulse Game Development
Posted: 2nd Dec 2007 04:10
This thread will index all of our user submitted demos!

X10 Demos:

Please post with a link to your thread and download link.

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Posted: 2nd Dec 2007 11:44
Hahaha, the demo has been released yet!

SilverEye Productions
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Joined: 7th Dec 2005
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 2nd Dec 2007 14:46
He means games people made... Demo's of those. And the demo is not released, only a tech demo, which is old. And uses older rendering methods.
Retired Moderator
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Joined: 4th Nov 2006
Location: Look outside...
Posted: 2nd Dec 2007 23:16
I'd like to see some videos of what people have done, for those of us without DirectX10 / Vista.

"he is coming!..." - WIP in 'Showcase'
henry ham
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Joined: 3rd Aug 2007
Location: way way out there
Posted: 2nd Dec 2007 23:47
ok here is a quick test level for you ,( no weapons or enemys to cut down on file size )

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