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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [X9] Seeking Asylum

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Joined: 29th Sep 2011
Location: UK
Posted: 31st Dec 2011 12:54 Edited at: 2nd Jan 2012 02:37
Seeking Asylum

"Patient 000 - Benjamin Smith. We've kept in the dark all 5 years he's been here. He has no memory of his past. No knowledge of the outside world. He has no distinction between anything. He takes anything for what it looks like. However, there are outside forces that know he is here. They know who he is. They want him out. We can't let him out. He's too insane to cope with the world. We kept him locked in the far side of the old asylum. There's the problem."

"What's the Problem?"

"After the Project SPACE incident, we evacuated the whole Asylum"


"He's still in there. Alone."

Developer's Notes

Seeking Asylum is a Survival-Horror that incorporates multiple factors to generate a game that forces the player to make tactical decisions about where to go, how to use what little ammunition there is, and also holds a deep storyline that is up to the player to discover. It will feature custom HUDs, custom weapon sounds and textures, voice acting, and much more.

It will also incorporate my other project, "Coming Home" ( as a "Survival Mode"

Feature List:

Early WIP Video:

WIP Screenshots:


Kravenwolf - Music + Models & Inspiration
Drop Dead Fred - Blood Overlays
Angusm3 - For the Health Scripting
Wicked Blood Gaming - Re-texture of Bond1's Zombie that I picked up
Errant AI - Original Weapon Meshes + Hands
Bond1 -Segments + Enemy Meshes + Base AI + Shaders
Wolf - Inspiration
Aysha - My one & only love, who allowed me to use her in this
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Joined: 25th Feb 2009
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Posted: 31st Dec 2011 18:19
Looks cool also I like the ideas the light-health-thing reminds me of "Cryostasis" if you know that

Hope to see something playable soon

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Joined: 29th Sep 2011
Location: UK
Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 02:33
Added YouTube Video over the Screenshots.
born for game
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Joined: 24th Mar 2008
Posted: 19th Jan 2012 01:57
Cool game!

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Joined: 14th Aug 2010
Posted: 26th Jan 2012 08:58
Wow effect looks good but design need to improve more and the game is too dark,try change ambience to 3 or 4.

Poloflece,Anayar,PWP,Henry Ham,Cosmic Prophet,Wolf,Rolfy,KeithC,Nickydude,SceneCommander,Dark Goblin And Lee Bamber is my icon.

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