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Music & Sound FX / SAE Graduate looking to take work on sound design for free

George Karagioules
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Joined: 5th May 2013
Posted: 30th Nov 2013 01:00
Dear Friends

My name is George Karagioules and i just graduated from SAE istitute as an audio engineer and sound designer.

I am writing to you as a gamer and an aspiring guy. For the next three months, i will be working on some game projects online as a sound designer and i hoped i could get a chance to ask you guys to assign me some tasks if you have any projects running. I am not asking for any payments and such since i want to do it for the experience for now. I am currently working on ‘’Insomnia is Coming’’ and ‘’FLipp n’ Koin’’ for Android.

In March, i am going to the army (it is obligatory in Greece) so i have little time to work (around 3 months) on some things and get some experience which would help me land a job in the future.

Generally, i hope you guys could help out a bit and if not you maybe someone else. If nothing comes out, then its fine, i am happy we talked.

My kind regards

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Joined: 18th Jan 2009
Location: Paradox
Posted: 20th Dec 2013 00:06
Hey George, I sent you an email.

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Joined: 12th Jun 2011
Location: Athens, Hellas
Posted: 8th Jan 2014 15:09

I've sent you an email.

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